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Sterivent Diagram
Exterior and Electronics

Stainless Steel 304 housing
Pressure Manometer
Control Box (communicates with PC)


Sterile Filter

Sterilized Air Outflow max 500.000L/Hr


SteriVent filters are available in a range of sizes, to fit tanks with capacities from 1,000L to 200,000L.

The SteriVent blower draws in ambient air from the area around the filter itself. A pre-filter traps any large particles before air is forced through the HEPA filter. This high-efficiency filter traps and removes 99.997% of all particles 0.2 microns or larger.

The air is now at a Class 100 level of cleanliness. This air is directed into the tank at higher than ambient pressure (overpressure). The positive air pressure in the tank prevents contaminated outside air from entering and compromising the product.

At the same time, the air quality in the ambient area is also being cleaned, an additional benefit of SteriVent.

The pre-filter is easy to clean by washing. The sterile filters are simple to replace and less costly than other filters.

The entire system runs automatically and can be controlled by PC. Two air flow rates are available for production (low flow variable) and CIP (high flow variable). The high flow rate is used during CIP and protects not only the tank from damage during the vacuum implosion, but protects the filter itself and prevents outside air from being accidentally drawn in, which maintains product purity.

The difference manometer detects and signals the need for a filter change. A counter also tracks usage and signals the need to change filters. In case of vacuum failure, the alarm light goes on.

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