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The ventilator draws air from the room into the pre-filter. The air is pressed through HEPA sterile filter with 99.997 % efficiency (Class 100 standards). Overpressure is maintained inside the tank, preventing any outside air contaminants from entering the tank and compromising product sterility.

SteriVent Components

  • Pre-Filter
    Efficiency class DIN EN 779 G3
    Nominal air velocity0.35 m/s
    Initial pressure loss 20 Pa
    Recommended final pressure loss 150 Pa
    Dust holding capacity 482 g/m²
    Max peak temperature allowed 100 (120) ºC
    Fire resistance (DIN 53438) F1

  • Ventilator
    Tube fan 230 V / 50 HZ 0.2 KW
    Air volume 500 m³/h

  • Sterile Filter
    Active filter surface 5.5 m²
    Initial pressure drop 130 Pa
    Velocity through media 1.5 cm/sec
    Separation efficiency 99.997 %
    Note: The sterile filter is checked before and after the assembly in the unit.

  • Filter Housing
    Material: Stainless steel 304
    Thickness size 1-2 mm

  • Control Box
    Start-stop switch and control light
    Variable control of ventilator air flow
    Difference-pressure manometer with display
    Continuous counter (hours elapsed)
    Under-pressure indicator with light and reset button Note: Comes complete with plug for connecting cable to 220V / 50 HZ
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