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SteriVent Benefits
  • Significantly reduces airborne contaminants
    • Cleans air to Class 100 standards (<100 particles/ft3)
    • HEPA filter removes 99.997% of 0.2 microns or larger
    • Constant overpressure eliminates danger of accidental intake of dirty air

  • Protects tanks during CIP
    • High flow rate eliminates danger of tank collapse during implosion phase
    • System detects any break in vacuum during CIP

  • Increases operating efficiency
    • High capacity: one SteriVent system can handle up to 8 tanks
    • Top-of-tank position avoids the need to locate vent outside facility
    • No need for separate air pump; SteriVent works with ambient air
    • Simultaneously cleans the air in the production hall as well as the tank
    • Can eliminate the need for a special cleanroom facility
    • Operation is computer controlled and fully automated

  • Simplifies maintenance and reduces costs
    • Sophisticated design snaps in and clamps in place; no screws to lose inside tank
    • Pre-filter is easy to clean
    • Filters are easily replaced and far less expensive than used with other systems

  • Requires less energy
    • SteriVent uses 0.25 KW electricity, 300 times less than is used by an air pump
    • Low energy demand also eliminates hot air problems created by air pumps
    • Quiet operation reduces ambient noise in production hall

  • Extends product shelf life and increases profit margins
    • Increased purity can extend quality shelf life, reducing “out of date” losses
    • Shelf life increases--examples
    • Cheese shelf life increased to 30 days from 22 days
    • Soy pudding and yogurt increased to 60 days from 35-40 days

  • Can be used with existing and new equipment
    • Easy to add SteriVent to your current tanks
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