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Among the benefits of ultra clean products, Extended Shelf Life (ESL) directly improves a company’s profit margins.  Fischer Planning can assist you with the design, specifications, construction and troubleshooting of ultra clean systems, especially the efficient use of Cleaning In Place (CIP) technology.

To support optimal results from ultra clean systems in a variety of industries, we developed the breakthrough SteriVent sterile air filter.

SteriVent is designed to handle the physical stresses created by CIP.  During the cleaning process, caustic soda is sprayed into a heated vessel.  Next, cold water is sprayed into the tank, causing a sudden implosion and vacuum.  But without an adequate air supply, this sudden change can physically damage the tank.  It can also damage the air filter, allowing unfiltered outside air to rush in, contaminating the tank and compromising product sterility.

After many years of experience with clients who had this problem, Fischer Planning developed SteriVent to solve it.  SteriVent has both a low-speed production flow rate and a high-speed flow rate of 500,000 L/Hr that is activated automatically during CIP. 

SteriVent not only prevents damage to the tank, it prevents outside air from contaminating the system, and improves product shelf life.  An added benefit:  SteriVent actually cleans the air around the tank.  In some cases, the cleaner local processing environment created by SteriVent can eliminate the need for a specialized cleanroom.

For more information on SteriVent, click here.

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