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Planning a food, cosmetic or pharmaceutical processing facility begins with a discussion of the products themselves, the raw materials they will be made from, specific process steps, sanitary and other requirements, and filling and packaging needs.


First, an on-site survey can be performed to evaluate existing facilities, local conditions, production needs and other issues. We can also assess whether supply channels will be adequate.

Then a block diagram is prepared. This is a simple preliminary visualization of the basic process steps, energy and equipment that will be needed. The block diagram is reviewed to ensure it reflects the client’s requirements, revised if necessary, and approved. Go to Sample Diagrams Page

Next, a more detailed flow diagram is created. This depicts all the individual tanks, vessels, lines, sterilizing equipment and cleaning systems (typically Cleaning in Place, CIP). Go to Sample Diagrams Page

Layout and Estimating

At this point, the architectural design of the production hall can be incorporated into the plan.

Understandably, many architects are not familiar with the requirements of product processing. Fischer Planning can provide architectural specifications, or we can work with your architectural firm directly, advising them on the best strategies for accommodating your equipment and operational needs.

After review and approval, an initial layout is produced, incorporating the production hall architectural details. Go to Sample Diagrams Page

Also, at this point a full budget estimate and timetable can be generated, including construction, equipment, materials, energy and other costs.

Based on the agreed-upon estimate, a final flow diagram and final layout can now be created, and construction can begin.

Ready to Install

Fischer Planning services range from design and consulting to the assembly of all production components. We can build a system that meets your unique specifications at our facility and ship it directly to you in a kit, ready for welding and installation.

Please contact us to discuss ideas for your next project.

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